Summer holidays in the Salzburger Land region

Pure joie de vivre among friends

When descending on a hike, you can stop to rest amidst a meadow full of colourful alpine flowers. You are then surrounded by lush, high, green grass that is as soft as clouds. At the same time, the fertile soil beneath you feels cool while the warm sun dances across your face.

Looking towards the blue sky, observing the clouds and the gently swaying branches of the alders, nothing can be heard apart from the wind, a few cowbells, and children laughing in the distance. You mind is clear and can slowly wander, your breath gets deeper and deeper, and slowly you doze off, enjoying an afternoon nap.

A beautiful idea that will come true when spending your summer holidays with us! Sports and relaxation form a pleasant symbiosis with cultural highlights and day-trips during your hiking or biking holidays. Thanks to our fun children's programme, not only adults but kids as well can unwind spending their summer holidays in Großarl.