The Nalin-Prommegger family and their hotel in Großarl

Taking the time, appreciating life, and giving back

We consider time for unforgettable moments, for relaxation, for the family, for beautiful memories, and time for the important things in life to be the most valuable gifts. We live this attitude both with regard to the hospitality we offer our guests, and in our private life as well. As an "international" family, consisting of Mariano and Eva as well as our two children, Valentina (13) and Gloria (19), we always try to keep Austrian cosiness and Mariano's Italian flair in perfect balance.

The combination of the most beautiful traditions and peculiarities of both countries can be felt throughout the entire house. In addition to the Salzburg delicacies, you will always taste the Italian home of the chef. Above all, however, it is our top priority to offer you the honest hospitality of both countries sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts. Our personal care does not stop with the in-house courses and activities with us, the hosts - we are always there for you. Experience our hotel in Großarl amidst the mountains of the Salzburger Land region together with us!