Hiking holidays in the Salzburger Land region

The valley of alpine pastures and lodges

Discover the most beautiful sites and nature experiences right outside the Bergzeit Hotel. Full-day hiking tours demand fitness and concentration. Easy hiking trails or themed trails will attract the whole family.

Crystal clear and moss green mountain lakes, dark and dense fir forests, steep and rocky slopes – let your wandering spirit roam free! Numerous hiking trails, rated according to different levels of difficulty, can be accessed right from our hotel. The expression "regional cuisine" is increasingly gaining importance on more than 40 catered alpine pasture lodges. When your start to ache a little, you can use the local hiking taxi at various locations. However, all our proposed hiking tours are worth completing.

The most beautiful hiking tours in Salzburg

Hiking in the valley of alpine pastures and lodges

We look forward to advising you on the unique routs in the Salzburger Land region! To kick-start your hiking holidays, we already provide a few tips in advance.

Of course, we are also happy to inform you about the most beautiful hiking tails, which can be accessed right outside our front door.