Enjoying life in the Salzburger Land region

The Bergzeit

A wonderful landscape and warm hospitality – these are the hallmarks of spending holidays in the Grossarl Valley. Countless sports and leisure activities await you and your family all-year-round. Since we know the surroundings like the backs of our hands, we can provide real insider tips right here in the establishment. We will be happy to assist you whenever desired and take the time for a nice chat in between.

After having experienced many beautiful sensations on a ski tour or an extensive hike, you should treat yourself to moments of peace and quiet in the hotel's own spa area. Enjoy a glass of fine Italian wine after a refreshing mountain tour. The combination of feel-good hotel life and direct access to the Salzburger Land's untouched nature provides you with the rare opportunity of not only letting your mind wander, you will be pampering your body as well. The longer your stay, the more relaxed you will sink into our soft pillows until you finally feel fully at home.